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CD Gallery

CD Gallery This is a CD on my 1982 Taskin of the dramatic pieces that Jean-Baptiste Forqueray transcribed for harpsichord from the originals composed for the viol by his father Antoine, played by Stefano Lorenzetti. Dynamic S 2009
CD Gallery A record of Frescobaldi toccatas by Lorenzo Ghielmi, half on an Antegnati organ (1554), and half on his Grimaldi harpsichord made by me in 1989. Nuova Era 6799
CD Gallery Andrea Marcon plays Alessandro Scarlatti on organ and harpsichord: the Grimaldi I made for him. DIVOX CDX-79403
CD Gallery Scarlatti sonatas played by Sergio Ciomei on 3 of our instruments: the 1982 Taskin, Kerstin Schwarz's Cristofori piano and a double manual Mietke. Challenge Classics (CC 72116)
CD Gallery A Complete recording of Frescobaldi's 'Canzoni da Sonar' in two CD's, played by the group Ttripla Concordia with Sergio Comei playing one of my Grimaldi Harpsichords. Nuova Era 7131
CD Gallery Tripla Concordia playing Handel recorder sonatas with my Mietke double manual harpsichord. Stradivarius echo series STR 11007
CD Gallery Italian music from around 1630 played by Lorenzo Ghielmi (Grimaldi harpsichord and organ), Enrico Onofri (violin and voice) and Margret Köll (double harp). See a review in The Organ Winter and Winter 910 991-2 (distributed by Harmonia Mundi)
CD Gallery 5 and 6 voice madrigals by Cristofano Malvezzi (1583-4), who was canon at the church of San Lorenzo in Florence, and composer to the Medici. They are performed by the group 'Musica Figurata' with Stefano Lorenzetti playing the Italian chamber organ and the Grimaldi harpsichord I made for him. Tactus TC 541301
CD Gallery A collection of 1584 in which Girolamo dalla Casa writes 'diminuzione' based on the works of composers such as Orlando di Lasso. Stefano Lorenzetti plays a Grimaldi and the chamber organ, with Lapo Bramanti (recorder) . Florentia Musicae (FLO 69005)
CD Gallery Alessandra Artifoni plays Bach on a double manual Mietke I made in 1998. EMA records70007
CD Gallery One of many records on the 'Symphonia' label recorded with my harpsichords. Music by Konrad Höffler for viola da Gamba (Guido Balestracci) and basso continuo with a Grimaldi harpsichord I made in 1982 played by Massimiliano Raschietti. Symphonia SY 01186
CD Gallery One of several Cd's by the group 'Giardino Armonico' recorded with a Grimaldi harpsichord I made for Lorenzo Ghielmi. Teldec 4509-91852-2
CD Gallery Another Giardino Armonico CD with my Grimaldi: Chrismas Concertos by Corelli, Manfredini, Torelli and Vivaldi. (Amusingly I am listed in some websites as being the harpsichord player instead of the builder!) Teldec 46013
CD Gallery Motets and madrigals by Giovanni Bassano performed by the group 'Musica Figurata'. Stefano Lorenzetti plays a Grimaldi harpsichord I made for him, and the chamber organ. Tactus (TC 550201)
CD Gallery Virtuoso music from 16th century Italy played by Andrea Marcon on a Grimaldi harpsichord I made for him, with Doron David Sherwin (cornetto). Giulia (GS 201010)
CD Gallery Luca Guglielmi plays Kerstin's Cristofori piano. Music by A.B. della Ciaja, G.F. Haendel, D. Scarlatti, L.Giustini, B. Marcello, D. Zipoli. See a review of this CD at: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/music/0905/classical/baroque.htm Stradivarius STR 33608
CD Gallery Brilliant Italian violin music played by Enrico Gatti with his group 'Aurora' using one of my Grimaldi harpsichords. Symphonia (SY 90502)
CD Gallery The very sensual music of Schmelzer played by 'Aurora' with one of my Grimaldi harpsichords. Symphonia (SY 91507
CD Gallery Inedited Italian 17th century music from the Marches with Marco Mencoboni's group 'Complesso di Musica'. He uses one of my Grimaldi harpsichords. e lucevan le stelle (CD EL 942302)
CD Gallery 2 CD's of Scarlatti sonatas played by Laura Alvini on Kerstin's Cristofori piano. Frame (FR9829-2)
CD Gallery Francesco Cera's latest Scarlatti CD recorded on a Grimaldi, and the Cristofori piano. Tactus (TC681905)
CD Gallery The variations on 'La Follia' by Corelli and Marais played by Lorenzo Cavasanti (recorder),Jorge Alberto Guerrero (cello) and Paola Erdas playing one of my Grimaldi harpsichords. Stradivarius (STR 33684)
CD Gallery The 'Concerti Ecclesiastici' of Giovanni Paolo Cima performed by the group 'Musica Figurata' with Stefano Lorenzetti playing the chamber organ. Dynamic (CDS 212)
CD Gallery Vivaldi concertos with the 'Orchestra Barocco Zefiro' and Luca Guglielmi playing one of my Ferrinis Naive/Opus111 (OP30409)
CD Gallery Sonatas for organ and harpsichord by Giovanni Battista Martini played by OttavianoTenerani using one of my Taskin harpsichords. Tactus TC 701304
CD Gallery Guido Balestracci plays Corelli sonatas for viola da gamba and basso continuo using one of my Grimaldis. Symphonia SY 98163
CD Gallery Lorenzo Ghielmi plays a selection of pieces by Bernardo Pasquini on the organ of the organ in Morcote (1640) and on the Grimaldi I made for him.

Nuova Era 6890
CD Gallery 6 Bach trio sonatas played on harpsichord and flute by Giuliano Furlanetto (baroque flute) and Francesco Bravo, who plays a single manual Dulcken I made in 1991. Phoenix Classics (PHOENIX-99514)
CD Gallery Galuppi sonatas played by Luca Guglielmi on my Mietke double manual harpsichord, our copy of the Cristofori ebony harpsichord built for the 'Galleria dell'Accademia', the Kerstin Schwarz Cristofori piano and a clavichord by Kerstin Schwarz.
Accent (ACC 24227)
CD Gallery 'Cello sonatas by the Venetian composer Antonio Caldara played by Gaetano Nasillo accompanied by Luca Guglielmi using my Mietke double manual harpsichord and the Schwarz Cristofori piano copy
Arcana (A356)