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Tony Chinnery presentation

Tony Chinnery presentation

I have been building early keyboard instruments for 25 years, first in London and then in a converted farmhouse in Tuscany, near Florence. I aim to build to the highest possible standard, and for this reason, the whole instrument including the action and keyboards, is built in my own workshop, using timber seasoned by me. 

I do not aim to reproduce the sound of the early keyboard instruments as they are now, but rather by careful selection of materials, to give them the full-bodied sound that I believe they had when new

The early keyboard instruments are based on full scale plans of the original antiques drawn either in the museum, or by the restorer, supplemented by additional information where necessary. Wherever possible, the original wood species of the early keyboard instruments are used. I believe that the best early keyboard instruments are made by copying as closely as possible the best original instruments. However, some modifications are inevitable, for instance a slight increase in the compass, including the transposing keyboard that allows the instrument to play either at modern pitch (440 Hz), or a semitone below at 'baroque  pitch' (415Hz).

For the last 20 years I have been hiring early keyboard instruments instruments throughout Italy, and occasionaly abroad, for concerts,  recordings and courses, and this has brought me in contact with a great number of musicians, including many  of international fame.

The instrument gallery presents a few of the early keyboard instruments that I have made, but as the instruments are made one by one to order, other models can be made to suit the customer's requirements. There is a selection of early keyboard instruments that customers can try out in my showroom. Visiters are always welcome  (but please write or phone in advance).